2,5 cl Framboise Sur Fruit Morand

4 cl Douzce de Coing Morand

1 cl Morand ginger syrup

2 cl lemon juice

Ginger Ale

Ice cubes


Boston Shaker


Cocktail glass


Measuring glass

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Cool the cocktail glass by adding ice cubes

    2. At the same time, add the ingredients to the small tumbler in this order: lemon juice, Ginger Syrup, Framboise Sur Fruit and Douce de Coing

    3. Add ice cubes to the large tumbler

    4. Combine tumblers and shake

  2. 5. Strain the mixture directly into the cocktail glass

    6. Top up with refreshing sparkling Ginger Ale

    7. Add crushed ice to the top

    8. Decorate (raspberries, ginger slice, dehydrated lemon, flower, powdered sugar)


    Vincent Jagnoux

    Waves Sky Lounge Bar (Neuchâtel)