4 cl Morand Eau-de-vie d'Abricot (Apricot)
2 cl Morand Luizet Apricot Syrup
Ginger ale
4 quarters lime
1 dry apricot
10 mint leaves
Shaved ice


Mojito glass

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Prepare in the mojito glass

    2. Place the lime quarters in the glass

    3. Sprinkle with Morand Luizet Apricot Syrup

    4. Crush with a pestle to extract the juice


  2. 5. Slap the mint leaves between your hands, then add to the glass

    6. Add the Morand Apricot Eau-de-vie

    7. Add shaved ice until the glass is full, and top up with the ginger ale

    8. Decorate with a mint leaf and half a dry apricot