1 chilli pepper, 2 cm long
1 Granny Smith apple
Morand Cane Sugar Syrup
3 cl Morand Williamine®
Non-fizzy apple juice
Ice cubes


Martini glass
Cocktail strainer

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Prepare in a shaker.

    2. Crush the tip of a chilli pepper (2 cm) and add to the shaker.
    3. Add half a Granny Smith apple cut into pieces.
    4. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and sprinkle with Morand Sugar Cane Syrup.

  2. 5. Add 3 cl of Morand Williamine® and top up with non-fizzy apple juice.
    6. Close the shaker and shake until your hands feel cold. 
    7. Pour into the martini glass through a cocktail strainer.

    8. Decorate with a piece of chilli pepper and a slice of Granny Smith apple in a fan shape.