4 quarters lime
2 cl Morand Cane Sugar Syrup
10 mint leaves
4 cl Morand Williamine®
Ginger ale
Shaved ice


Mojito glass

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Prepare in a mojito glass.

    2. Place the lime quarters in the glass, and sprinkle with Morand Sugar Cane Syrup.
    3. Crush with a pestle to extract the juice.
    4. Slap the mint leaves between your hands, then add to the glass.

  2. 5. Fill the glass 3/4 full with shaved ice, and add 4 cl of Morand Williamine®
    6. Add shaved ice until the glass is full, and top up with ginger ale.

    7. Decorate with mint leaves.