4 cl Morand Alata Gin
2 cl Morand Liqueur de Framboise (Raspberry)
0.5 cl Morand Triple Sec Liqueur
0.5 cl Morand Liqueur du Grand St-Bernard Jaune (Yellow)
1 cl Morand Red Grenadine Syrup
3 cl lime juice
8 cl pineapple juice
1 dash Angostura
1 slice pineapple
1 maraschino cherry
Ice cubes


Highball glass
Lemon squeezer

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Prepare in a highball glass

    2. Fill the glass with ice cubes

    3. Squeeze half a lime

    4. Add all the ingredients

  2. 5. Stir

    6. Top up with soda water

    7. Decorate with a pineapple slice and a maraschino cherry