1 ristretto
1.5 cl Morand Passion Fruit Syrup
0.5 cl Morand Red Grenadine Syrup
10 cl mango juice
Shaved ice
Ice cubes
1 groundcherry


Large water glass

Shaker Vector



  1. 1. Prepare a ristretto and set aside to cool

    2. In a shaker, pour the Morand Passion Fruit Syrup, the Morand Red Grenadine Syrup and the mango juice

    3. Mix until the colours blend into one

    4. Add shaved ice

  2. 5. Close the shaker and shake until your hands feel cold

    6. Carefully pour the chilled ristretto so that it forms a layer (use a spoon if needed)

    7. Decorate with a groundcherry on the side of the glass